Powder coating line

Powder coating line

At the beginning of 2018, we have installed and launched an automatic powder coating line from a well-known manufacturer of complete paint systems Mogielnicki (formerly Monkiewicz).

On a fully automated line, we can paint details made out of steel, galvanized steel or aluminum with a maximum dimensions of 1200x1200x500 mm.

An important element of our system is the professional 5 zones surface preparation line. For corrosion protection and optimal adhesion of paint, we use a new generation of nanomolecular method of surface passivation based on zirconium compounds.

It is an ecological alternative to the classic method of chromating (Cr VI), iron and zinc phosphating for aluminum, steel and galvanized surfaces.

The chemicals we use, as well as the 5-step surface preparation technology, are approved by QUALICOAT. The line configured in this way, as a result of chemical preparation and application of a conversion coating for all types of metals, allows to obtain corrosion resistance in salt chamber tests (ISO 9227NSS) over 480h for steel and galvanized parts and over 700h for the same type of parts in salt spray tests according to PN -H-04624: 1976 norm.

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