Plasma cutting

Plasma cutting

Plasma cutting can be used for all materials that conduct electricity. They are mainly black steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Plasma cutting can be used on metal sheets, sections, pipes or meshes. Plasma systems are also installed on CNC tables and robots. Plasma cutting has many advantages. Plasma reaches impressive speeds that are up to seven times faster than oxygen-gas methods. Due to the narrow cutting zone and low heating, plasma cutting has a minimal effect on the metal structure. Another advantage is the minimized material losses. Plasma cutting is also a guarantee of smooth edges and good surface quality, accurate cutting according to a pattern, repeatability and easy automation of the process.

Plasma Cutter

We provide plasma cutting services for sheets and profiles. We have a plasma cutter with the following cutting parameters:

Max. Sheet size: 3000×1500 mm

Cutting thickness – mild steel: up to 25 mm

Cutting thickness – stainless steel: up to 15 mm

Cutting thickness – aluminium: up to 15 mm

Our machine has abilities to cut outside its main table which allows cutting holes and other shapes in profiles up to a length of 8 meters in one mounting.

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