Laser cutting

Laser cutting

The use of a laser to cut metal is a very modern technology that has many advantages. This sheet metal cutting technique allows for the express production of the most diverse details – cutting takes place much faster than with other competing methods. Laser-cut elements usually do not require additional processing, which means that they are ready for installation immediately after cutting out. Laser cutting is characterized by a narrow thermal impact area. The laser beam has a high concentration which minimizes the influence of radiation and the temperature generated. All this without affecting the properties and structure of the treated metals. The cutting head has no physical contact with the workpieces, which means that it does not wear out during use. The use of a laser also means waste minimization. Thanks to its precision, it is possible to arrange the cut elements on the sheet metal in such a way that its working surface will be used in an optimal way. Another advantage is the possibility of implementing small and large scale production. It is possible thanks to the very simple programming of the device, which enables a very quick change of operating parameters.

Orion 3015 Plus 2,5 kW

Sheet plate dim: 3000×1500 [mm]

Max. thickness:

mild steel #16 mm

stainless steel #10 mm

aluminium #6 mm

Phoenix FL-3015 Fiber 4 kW


Phoenix FL-3015 Fiber 4 kW

Sheet plate dim: 3000×1500 [mm]

Max. thickness:

mild steel #20 mm

stainless steel #15 mm

aluminium #12 mm

brass, copper #8 mm


Both machines have a rigid construction to handle high production speeds without any loss of cut quality. They are programmed using a dedicated, integrated CAD / CAM system “Cadman”, which allows for a quick and trouble-free going through the production preparation process, significantly reducing the costs.

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