CNC bending of pipes and profiles

CNC bending of pipes & profiles

The process of bending pipes and profiles is nothing more than a permanent change in the curvature of the treated metal, i.e. some of the fibers of the pipe material are stretched, and some of them become constricted …Effective bending of pipes and profiles requires the selection of appropriate parameters of the entire process. Thanks to this, the material will not undergo major technical changes, and the entire process will not adversely affect the strength of the material.  The use of appropriate devices for bending pipes and CNC profiles allows to produce details with high accuracy and repeatability. Therefore, the machine can be successfully used for mass production. Bending pipes and CNC profiles is a guarantee of high quality and no flattening in the bending area. Undoubtedly, the advantage is also the shortening of the bending time compared to traditional methods. Modern CNC bending machines also enable simulation and analysis of the manufactured element, which allows, among others, to reduce material waste.

CNC Bending machine

We have a CNC bending machine that allows for accurate and repeatable bending of steel pipes and profiles.

For our customers, we bend pipes from medium Ø20 to Ø50, we also bend square profiles in sizes 15×15 and 20×20.

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