Laser cutting

Market-leading laser cutting machines at your service. 

We offer laser cutting of sheet metals up to 6x2m. We cut parts out of carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel and aluminum. Our machines are powerful enough to cut steel up to #30mm thick.

We use modern fiber laser cutters, which guarantee high efficiency, low cutting costs, high flexibility of changeovers and the highest quality of products.

Laser cutting machinery is controlled by a CAM system, which ensures optimal use of material, high cutting speeds and ease of implementation of new products. Thanks to this, we efficiently carry out both small- and large-scale production.

Standard laser cutters –

Sheets: 3000×1500 [mm]
Laser power: 4 – 6 kW
Max thickness:

  • mild steel #25 mm
  • stainless steel #25 mm
  • aluminium #12 mm

XL laser cutters-

Sheets: 6000×2000 [mm]
Laser power: 4 – 6 kW
Max. thickness:

  • mild steel #30 mm
  • stainless steel #25 mm
  • aluminium #20 mm

Deburring machine

Max part width: 1100 [mm]
Max thickness: 100 [mm]
Min dimensions: 100×100 [mm]

  • edge rounding
  • oxide removal
  • surface finishing
For customers expecting high-efficiency mass production, our laser cutting machine with an automatic material loading and unloading system works 24 hours a day. A machine of this design combined with a 6kW laser source guarantees low production costs and short order fulfillment times.

One of our laser cutters is dedicated exclusively to cutting stainless steel. Our many years of experience in the metal processing industry and an extensive steel warehouse allow us to meet most of our customers’ requirements in the short-term fulfilment of orders from a wide range of materials.

Send us CAD files with the flatpatterns of the parts in DXF format with information regarding the material grade, sheet thickness and expected annual quantities and batch sizes. Get to know how competitive is our offer for laser cutting.

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