CNC turret punching

Economical production combined with reasonable quality – these are the advantages of hammer punching.

We have a 30-ton turret punching machine, a cost-effective machine for medium and large-scale production of components such as housings, boxes or mounting plates with maximum dimensions of 2500x1260mm and a thickness of up to 4mm.

The undoubted advantage is the possibility of embossing, which eliminates the need to divide the production into two independent operations and two machines. 

The use of CNC cutting techniques with punching tools has many advantages.

  • First of all, CNC turret cuts allow for high flexibility and quick performance of tasks.The perforation time is shortened as much as possible.
  • Another advantage is the much lower cost of the order than in the case of laser or plasma cutting.
  • The offered cutting ensures the possibility of obtaining various cuts and their repeatability. By choosing turret cuts, you save time, reduce costs and provide yourself with a wide selection of patterns. 

If you are looking for a reliable company that will perform professional and high-quality CNC turret cutting for you in Szczecin, we invite you to Metaltechnica.

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