CNC milling

We offer You efficient CNC milling services. Our machine park includes 6 milling centers from companies such as DMG, Fanuc and Brother.

During milling, the blades move one after the other. CNC milling is not only about giving different shapes to objects, but also about finishing, decorating or creating joints.

5 axis CNC milling

Two of our machines are 5 axis high-tech milling centres.

  • First is DMU 50 Ecoline, with patented technology of 2-axis swivel rotary table, NC controlled, enabling advanced machining in many planes with higher dimensional tolerances. Machine has got working area 500x450x400mm, 8000rpm spindle results in optimum milling productivity and high surface quality.
  • Second machine is 5 axis simultaneous milling centre. It allows for machining of high complicated parts with 3D curvilinear surfaces.

CNC milling is primarily the elimination of manual control, and thus increasing the speed of work.

Another advantage is undoubtedly the accuracy, which has an impact on higher quality of metal products. Thanks to numerical control, material losses are minimized, the machine is more precise. 

CNC milling is also a significant increase in productivity, so we can handle more orders in a shorter time. Thanks to the use of a machine tool with several axes, it is possible to produce elements much faster than with traditional methods.

This method enables even very large surfaces to be milled. In addition, CNC milling increases the operator’s safety, because he does not have to have direct contact with the device, but only with the computer that controls the milling machine.

Thanks to CAD/CAM SolidWorks i SolidCAM ZW3D software, we are able to generate NC codes to machine parts containing very complicated surfaces. If you are looking for precision, efficiency and speed of operation in the field of CNC milling in Szczecin, we invite you to Metaltechnica

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