Punching on presses

Punching on presses

Many details that we make for our clients are metal products made in the technology of cutting and embossing on eccentric presses. We have 9 such presses, with different tonnages of pressure, where 2 of them work in automatic sequence. We design the dies ourselves, using appropriate CAD software. The production of dies takes place in our tool room, equipped with machines allowing for their precise execution.

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The main advantages of sheet metal cutting by Metaltechnica in the city of Szczecin are modern machines characterized by a high degree of flexibility. They can contain even several dozens of different dies at a time, which may differ in spacing. Such processing of steel ensures very high dimensional accuracy. In addition, the cost of implementation is not too high, we can safely say that the price is adequate to the quality obtained.  We use sheet metal cutting to maintain repeatability and material efficiency. Each sheet of metal is used optimally, so any losses are minimized. In addition, the use of modern sheet metal cutting presses significantly speeds up the entire process, thanks to which Your order is carried out much faster. The possibilities of punching on presses are very large, especially when there are professionally selected tools for the implementation of the entire process, which is guaranteed by Metaltechnica.

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