CNC metal sheet bending

CNC metal sheet bending

We provide edge bending services on modern CNC press brakes. We have in total  3 such devices. The first two machines are devices from the known LVD manufacturer .

The first model  is the PPS 100/30 – maximum pressure 100 tons, max. length of the bent element 3 meters, max. sheet thickness 12mm (with limited bending length).

The second model is the PPEC-4 80/2000 – pressure 80 tons, max. length 2 meters.

Bending of small, precise elements can be successfully performed on a 30 tons PHSY press brake from the Italian company VIMERCATI. Thanks to the CYBELEC 880 graphic control, the programming time is significantly reduced, which reduces costs even when only few parts should be produced.

Advantages of sheet metal bending using the CNC method

The main advantage of CNC sheet bending is extremely high accuracy. It is possible thanks to numerical control – the whole process is supervised by a computer set up by the operator. CNC sheet bending ensures compliance with the design, accuracy and repeatability of the task. The finished products are identical to those in the design, even if they contain very intricate details. Thanks to repeatability, this technology can be successfully used in series production and save much time.  The use of modern methods of sheet metal bending is also a high precision of processing contributing to the minimization of material losses.


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